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Families of New Students: Welcome to Our Community!

I look forward to welcoming your student to Babson College at the end of this month. This is such an exciting time for all, but it also has its share of anxiety, too. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. We have a great team here at Babson, and your student is going to have every opportunity to make the next four years a transformative experience.

I am not only the Dean of the Undergraduate School but also the parent of a rising junior and first-year student (both at other schools) so I have a sense of the range of emotions that you’re facing. For me, the major anxieties that I felt (besides missing my girls) revolved around their safety and whether their schools would provide a good experience for them. You should feel good about the safety of your student. We have lots of people and processes in place (including education of the students themselves) to ensure that the environment here is a safe one for your student to live, learn, and grow. We also have an extensive system to encourage students to make their educational experience, both in- and out-of-class, fit their own interests, needs, and development levels. This system includes everyone from class deans to faculty to student life staff to career development advisers. Babson is small enough that we are all able to work together in order to deliver a coordinated experience. It is my job to ensure that this happens, and I can promise you that this is of utmost importance to me.

I just came to Babson over the summer. I went to a small college for my undergraduate degree, and then worked at a business school in a large university for the last 21 years. At Babson I feel like I have come home. Because of Babson’s deep commitment to the education of undergraduate students, I couldn’t be more proud to represent any school. I am convinced, with lots of data to back me up (though I am admittedly biased), that we have the best combination of entrepreneurial business education and liberal arts values of any school in the country. I am excited to start my career at Babson with your student, and we’ll work together to make their experience more than they, or you, could have ever hoped for.