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An Introductory Hello from Dean Moore

I assumed the position of Dean of the Undergraduate School here at Babson on June 24, 2013. It has been a whirlwind of meetings for the last six weeks — 125 meetings with a wide range of faculty and staff plus an all-day retreat and a meeting with alumni in New York City. I have had great fun getting to know all of these people and learning about their dedication to and interest in the undergraduates. Personally, I think we’re all going to accomplish great things.

While I have been getting to know all of these folks from the college, I have a lot more people who I will be meeting. In order to help the process along, I thought I would give you some idea of my background (possibly too much, but I do love to write so…here you go).

I was born in Kansas. We (mom, dad, and younger sister) lived there for 2 years, a Chicago suburb for 9 years, a Memphis (TN) suburb for 3 years, and then I went to high school in Dunwoody, GA (a suburb north of Atlanta). I majored in math in a small liberal arts college, working at IBM in both Atlanta and Greenville while still in school. I got my MBA from Georgia Tech (where I emphasized accounting and organizational behavior). I worked at a small real estate developer in Atlanta and then a human resources association in Charlotte, NC while I was getting my masters. I ended up working for 3 years in Charlotte after I got my MBA; at this company I consulted in IT, supervised the office staff, wrote our strategic and marketing plans, and kept our accounting books (among many other things).

In 1989 I began my PhD studies at Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) in the Operations & Information Management department (with an emphasis in information systems). I got my degree in 1993, and received tenure from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in 2000. From 2004-11 I was the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Program Faculty Director; immediately after that I served as area (division) chair of the Business Information Technology area.

I have a wife (Nancy), two kids (Lindsey & Mackenzie), a dog (Deker; a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), and two cats (Oreo & Twix). Lindsey is a junior at Furman; she was a serious fastpitch player for about eight years but now she’s not playing in college. She spent the summer in the south of France living with a French family and taking French classes. Mackenzie is a first year student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City; she walked in a couple NYC Fashion Week runway shows and hopes to work in fashion merchandising in the coming years.

We all love to travel. I have been to 42 states (will be 43 as soon as I get to Rhode Island), plus international travel to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, China (Hong Kong and the mainland), England, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Slovenia. In the last two years Lindsey has been on various trips to Washington DC, Amsterdam, China, and France. Mackenzie & Nancy have been frequent travelers to New York City. The four of us have enjoyed several trips to the beautiful beaches of Siesta Key, FL.

During my last few years at Michigan I taught an introduction to business class for sophomores and created a consulting class for juniors and seniors. My technical interests led me to teach classes in programming, Excel, Web development, and Google search. My tech/geek interests have also led me to use simulation and complex systems to research a variety of areas. In the past I developed both a tool to support Coast Guard personnel in the process of deploying cutters and a communication language to support businesses in their routine message-passing activities (sort of an advanced EDI). Most recently I ran computer simulations (approximately 4.5 billion of them) of a company who sells its goods via posted price and auctions at the same time.

In this blog I plan on keeping everyone up-to-date with what’s going on in the Undergraduate School as well with what plans we have for the future. And I’m sure you’ll let me know what’s on your mind, too! I hope this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.