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A Message to the Undergraduate Community

As the Dean of the Undergraduate School since 2006, I have had the unique pleasure of overseeing many aspects of the undergraduate student experience that are not normally part of a Dean’s job. Earlier today, the Office of the President announced that in recognition of the role I have played in overseeing these areas and working to create a unique atmosphere on campus my role will change. I will continue to oversee areas that serve the entire campus such as Student Affairs, Student Financial Services, the Registrar’s Office, Admissions, Athletics, and International Programs in a new position – as the College’s Vice Provost.

At the same time, I have been asked to take on other responsibilities on campus. With the recent resignation of Dean Raghu Tadepalli of the Graduate School there is a need for leadership in this important area for Babson. I have agreed to accept the position of Dean of the Graduate School effective July 1, 2012. At that time, Associate Dean Bob Halsey will assume the role of Acting Dean while a search is conducted for a new Dean of the Undergraduate School.

The last six years as the Undergraduate Dean have been the best years of my professional career. Working with you, the entire Undergraduate School team has elevated Babson to true world-class status. You have contributed immensely to what the Undergraduate School is today and I am so grateful to have worked with each and every one of you during my time as Dean.

While I will miss being the Dean of the Undergraduate School, you can be assured that in my new role I will continue to play an important part in the lives of our current Undergraduate students and alumni and in the continued progress of the Undergraduate School. I’m thrilled that I’ll still be able to  work with students, alumni, and staff in new and exciting ways while at the same time helping to shape another very important part of our Babson community.

The best part of this transition for me is that while it provides me with an expanded leadership role, I’ll still be on campus and  as present as always in the activities and programs that are important to undergraduate students and alumni.

Feel free to reach out to me directly as I’m more than happy to discuss with you what this means for the Undergraduate School and the College.

As always, thanks for helping to make Babson the kind of place that I am thrilled to call my home – everyday!

D. Hanno

Full Announcement: Dennis Hanno Appointed Vice Provost & Graduate Dean