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Sharing a Passion for “Futbol”

This post was written by undergraduate student Lisa Wojnar ’12. In December, Lisa was named the 2011 ECAC New England Defensive Player of the Year! This was a great opportunity to share her passion with the Ghanaian students:

On Thursday I went with Miguel and Diego to play soccer with some of the local kids from Sekondi. They picked us up at the church and led us through the village to a large open sand field. The kids gathered a few locals and we played a pick up game of six versus six using two cement blocks as the goal.    There were about five other soccer games going on at once on the field which kept overlapping but the locals did not seem to notice or get distracted, they were very focused on our game. The sand was deep and hard to move in, but the Ghanaians were barefoot and played very well in it. They were very surprised at my ability to keep up and beat some of them because I am a girl. I was the only girl out of about 200 players. On the side of the field was a club team which consisted of players from ages 8-17. The kids were all speaking Twi which made it difficult to communicate, but once we started playing we could understand each other through body language and the universal language of futbol. It was incredibly fun and I can not wait to play again on Friday!