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“Wired Differently” and Moved by the Community

This post was written by undergraduate students Rachel Licciardi ’12 and Tyler Murphy ’13:

Sunday was our first full day in Sekondi and we woke up to the sounds of the early morning service at Pure Word Chapel. After breakfast, we attended the second service of the day which began with an uplifting, spiritual music piece. It was amazing to see the local community members in their passion and faith, and their dedication to the Church is something that you wouldn’t always see in the United States. Reverend Andoh’s sermon was about how we are all “wired differently” and that we should embrace each day and find our passion in life–a message that resonated deeply with us as entrepreneurial students and leaders. Later in the day, children from around the area showed up to the church and we enjoyed reading to the children, while also letting them show their reading skills to us. The children were enthusiastic, engaged, and quite intelligent and the event culminated in a brief ceremony about why reading and learning is vital to future growth. The kids also received a gift bag with essential items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, pen and paper, and some toys. Meeting these children and making new friends was a great way to kick start the beginning of our week of teaching. Our adventures in Ghana have and will continue to be not only learning experiences for the Ghanaians, but for all of us here.