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Babson Professor Rice On Cultivating Entrepreneurship Ecosystems In Universities Around The World

A team of senior Babson faculty – all former Deans and Provosts – and a Babson Visiting Faculty from University of Texas at Austin have co-edited a book forthcoming from Edward Elgar Publishing entitled The Development of University-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Global Practices. The book explores the evolution of six globally recognized university-based entrepreneurship ecosystems–Babson College, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Southern California, National University of Singapore, EM Lyon, and Tec de Monterrey–and discusses the research, teaching, and outreach elements of the ecosystems and the key success factors in their development. Ideally, the book will provide a roadmap for other universities seeking to develop entrepreneurship ecosystems supporting education, research and economic development in their regions.

The coeditors are: Michael Fetters Fetters@babson.edu; Patricia Greene greene@babson.edu; Mark Rice mrice@babson.edu; John Butler John.Butler@mccombs.utexas.edu.

Mark P. Rice
The Frederic C. Hamilton Professor for Free Enterprise Studies
Babson College

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