Dan Edmonson

Babson Alumni Spotlight: Mike Angelov ’05

We recently caught up with Babson Alumnus Mike Angelov ’05 to discuss his new entrepreneurial venture, Grill-Easy™. The Product Grill Easy™ was brought to life from a simple shared idea that the charcoal grilling industry was stuck in the last century and it was time to infuse it with innovation and develop products based on…

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Kurian Babykutty

Pitch, Pitcher, Pitches!

Recently, I participated in the 2012 Rocket Pitch at Babson College and although I witnessed many good presentations, some could have been better. This is because while many know the basics of pitching, few pitch convincingly. But it’s not a big deal at all and the following five pointers should help you rock the pitch!…

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New York Alumni Bring the Babson Rocket Pitch to the Big Apple

Every fall, Babson holds a meticulously coordinated rocket pitch event, where students get to pitch their businesses in 3 minutes or less to a constantly rotating audience that moves from room to room and pitch to pitch.  It’s an iconic event that has become a staple at Babson.  But why should current students have all…

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