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Barbara Selmo

Tips for planning your MBA school visits

Some of you may well remember your undergraduate college visit tour. You may have gone with your parents; you may have shared the back seat with a sibling or two. You may have been the driver, figuratively and literally, and scheduled the tour to only include schools you thought you would like.  Some of you may…

Barbara Selmo

Researching the MBA

Last week I talked about starting your MBA program exploration at a tour, fair or forum. To put some context on these visits, let’s say that they are the first step in your action research project. What is your research project about? MBA programs. More specifically, the MBA programs you want to apply to and…

Barbara Selmo

MBA Recruitment events–making them work for you

It’s August, which means that fall recruitment has indeed begun. As I promised in my last post, I am going to use my blog in the next several months to inform you about all things Babson MBA admissions, to continue introducing you to the staff, and hopefully, to give you advice you can use to…