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How to spend a weekend exploring Babson!


If you have never woken up on a Saturday morning wondering what to do for the weekend, you can skip to the next blog.

Yeah that’s what I thought 🙂 I mean, seriously, that is exactly what I thought waking up one fine Saturday morning. True Story. Knowing that my wife has never seen the charming Babson campus, we decided to spend the weekend exploring it and believe me It was one of the most fun filled, relaxing and romantic weekends ever!

Instead of me haranguing about Babson campus for hours,  it would be best for you to explore and experience it by yourself through this panoramic Babson interactive virtual tour. Click on the picture below to start!


Do you hang out with your friends and loved ones at Babson often? What has been your most memorable story at Babson campus till date? Let us know.