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The Bridge to Babson

The Graduate Admissions team supports your inquiry and application experience in a variety of ways, over multiple cycles, and with personal attention. We host events, we attend events, we connect in person, over the phone, by Skype. We connect you to rockstars**—that is, our current students, our alumni, our faculty, and our fellow colleagues in administration. We have the human part of the admissions process covered.

But there is also the data piece of the admissions process, the forms, the documents, the test scores. We have, over the last two years, expanded options for you. GMAT AND GRE.  TOEFL AND IELTS. Last year, we started offering admissions programming in our downtown Boston space. This year, we changed one of our essays in order to more truly get at your thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship.

Our goal with all of these options was to offer you the most comprehensive yet easily accessible path to submitting an application.  The Graduate Admissions team builds bridges to Babson, one candidate at a time.

Coming this October, Graduate Admissions will be launching a brand new admissions environment online. And the most prominent feature of it will be, for real, The Babson Bridge, your connection to Babson, your application, answers about our programs, and your graduate admissions experience.

What will you be able to do on The Bridge? Introduce yourself so you can start receiving messages, invitations, and announcements about the program you are most interested in joining. See the latest Admissions events. Monitor your application checklist. View your admissions decisions. And much more.

Stay tuned for more updates about The Babson Bridge and what it means for the beginning of your journey to Babson. This is another way the Graduate School at Babson is improving your experience.

Good luck.  Think big.



**Speaking of rockstars, check out our Graduate Admissions webinar that we recorded for The Economist Virtual MBA fair.  It features Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean Bob Turner, and Donald Chapman, MBA ’12.  An excellent discussion of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (ETA) and what that means at Babson: