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Something Interesting…

After reading all the serious kind of stuff on the blog page, I got an inspiration to write an article that may tickle your funny bone (or atleast make you smile). If you do not smile after reading this then please don’t think that you have lost your sense of humor, it is the writer of this blog who needs to be blamed for it.

In the process of completing my MBA at Babson I have come across different sorts of individuals whom I tried to categorize based on certain traits that they exhibited. Here goes the list:

Social animals: These people will always be seen at all the clubs and parties. They may or may not excel inside the classroom and you may also not find them running behind professors and jobs. These people enjoy life to the fullest and believe that the credit card will pay for itself.

Hibernation kind: These people would not be visible across campus, events and even in the classroom. You would see them raising their hand occasionally to cover up for the class participation grade. You would consider yourself lucky if you spot one of them. They will not smile at you or approach you for any support. They always carry a ‘Do Not Disturb’ look on their face and you dare not approach them for a game of basketball as they might just feel offended.

Bookworms: As you may have guessed, these people are the 4.0 GPA kinds. Books are their biggest friends and playstation their biggest enemy. They will write 13 pages for a 9 page assignment and will keep editing the paper till one minute prior to submission. They would always read all the cases and will be ready to sacrifice the ‘only roger’s club party in this month’ to complete their homework. They would typically have all the answers to your dumb questions before every examination and you would do good to not challenge their assumptions coz they are always RIGHT.

Happy-go-lucky: These people do not realize WHY they entered the MBA program. Nevertheless, they have managed to add to the American GDP which is something they can be lauded for. GPA, assignments and job search are the last thing on their mind. They always prefer to take life as it comes (everyday is a new day or a Sunday). These people go with the flow and it is fun to be in their company. Their passports contain visas from every possible nation on earth and while others are busy calculating the loss on dollar exchange, these people are busy spending on a nice pair of customized sneakers.

Creative: The fact that balance sheets do not have designs offends these people. These highly creative people differentiate themselves from the MBA herd. They have been endowed with skills such as event management, playing instruments, dancing, singing, designing and so on. You might be able to spot one of these people on television someday so you better take their autograph the next time to spot them.

Crowd pullers: These are the ‘Star Attractions’ of the college. Every person in college would have their numbers in the contact list. They would never send friend requests to anyone on Facebook, rather people would want to be friends with them. They have the coolest personalities and are always wanted at every occasion. They have an aura around them and everyone pays close attention to what they have to say.

Jack-of-all trades: These people put their hand in every possible venture that they come across and they seem to know something about everything. The word ‘NO’ is missing from their dictionary. These people are part of clubs, organize events, get a good grade, and they are just about everywhere. Their hyperactive nature makes everyone feel that they are on some form of steroids.

Social Networking kinds: These people are the very reason why Twitter and Facebook enjoy skyrocketing valuations. I need not write about them coz you can just log on and read about their entire life online. Their popularity can be gauged by the number of followers/friends on networking sites. If you don’t find them updating their status for a few days, you might want to check if they are alive.

So which one of the characters could YOU identify with?