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Feyzi Bagirov

Tools to create marketing content

Typically, at a very minimum any startup would need a website, so acquiring/retaining a technical talent is important. Aside from technical skills, what is the next business skill that could be useful to a startup founder? Could be marketing. It is hard to outsource, and, along with sales, is everybody’s job in a startup, no…

Josh Harwell

Top 10 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

Lack of resources is nothing new to entrepreneurs. Luckily, the internet provides a tremendous amount of free resources to help any budding entrepreneur build, promote and grow a company! When I first started my company,, which is an online retailer of high-quality vitamins, dietary supplements and nutritional products, I relied heavily on free tools offered on…

Catherine Portner

Insider Tips on Navigating an Industry Tradeshow

Whether you are an entrepreneur, changing industries or advancing in your current industry while you pursue your MBA at Babson, chances are you already have or will attend a conference or tradeshow at some point in your career. Before coming to Babson, I organized tradeshows for five years and was responsible for designing exhibit hall…