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Antonette Ho

#How2Tuesday: How 2 Read a Term Sheet

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, November 7 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room: How 2 Read a Term Sheet with Angelo Santinelli! So you’ve decided to start dating (raise money) and things are getting serious with several suitors (potential investors).  One has already popped the question and others are sure…

Emily Denoble

How 2 Understand Investor Agreements: A Play in 3 Acts

For our final How 2 Tuesday of the academic year, the Blank Center invited law firm Morgan Lewis to explain the basics of angel and venture capital investor agreements. Morgan Lewis provides invaluable services to emerging businesses and is a generous sponsor of the Blank Center. The creative presentation was titled “Angel Financing: A Play…

Antonette Ho

How 2 Read a Term Sheet: The Connection

The following post is from Yushan Lou ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member. We were so lucky to have Professor Santinelli host a #How2Tuesday on how to read a term sheet. He described the relationship between Venture Capitalists and Startups as dating. Before VCs decide to invest in a Startup (before you get married),…