Han Tran

Building Your Entrepreneurial Team

Success of a venture depends on feasibility – not just the idea itself, but the people. Building your entrepreneurial team is important when starting a venture. The Butler Venture Accelerator recently held a lunch and learn session on this topic as part of its Global Entrepreneurship Week. During this lunch and learn session, the process…

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How start-up founders delegate while developing business

The power of a man is limited, but it is not as he has a team. As we know, the key to maximize team power is to delegate. The following questions are when to hands off, how to delegate, and how to guarantee performance. Three pieces of impressing experiences taught me answers to these three…

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Flip Sasser

“Don’t be afraid to jump into weird businesses” and other delightful quotes from my MBA education

In one week, my 18-month vacation at Babson will come to a close. I’m not going to prattle on about how fantastic it’s been, because like the MBA itself, no one came here to listen to what I thought. Instead, I’d like to sum up my education by giving you the top quotes from my…

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Knowing the functions of your startup

When creating a startup, it’s important that everyone within the company at least has a general grasp of what everyone else does. This way, people can not only help out if need be, but they can also input facets of the different positions into their daily routine. For example, for someone who is working on…

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Know What You Are Good At and What You Are Not

Things have been hectic over the past few days with the holiday shopping season creeping up and the bongo team working as hard as possible to get the site ready for the upcoming wave of traffic. On a more positive note, I’ve learned a bit about myself and what I’m good at as an entrepreneur.…

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