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Tim Booker

My Home Away From Home: 6 Host Family Myths Busted

Post by Laura Jiménez, who studied abroad through Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. Housing was not a factor taken into consideration when choosing my abroad program. In fact, it was not until we were informed that we were going to move from the…

Tim Booker

Traveling Alone: Taiwan

Post by Molly Ronan, who recounts her experiences traveling alone in Taiwan, China. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. I studied abroad for a semester in Shanghai but took a week trip to Taiwan during the Chinese October Holiday.  I traveled to Taiwan with my friend Roxy, but one…


How much freedom do you want in a classroom?

Post by Karla Chavez Hernandez, who reflects on the differences between Babson’s classroom culture and the classroom culture at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. After going to three different colleges in my lifetime I´ve realized that one of the most important aspects…

BRIC Program

Babson BRIC 2015 – Voices from Abroad

Babson BRIC: The Cornerstone of the New Global Economy is a semester-long, globally comparative and academically rigorous study abroad experience. To learn more about this unique opportunity, click here. Babson BRIC study abroad participants write blog posts during their time in Russia, India, and China. It’s a great way for them to reflect on their experiences,…

Tim Booker

Stories from Abroad: The Gaelic Games

Post by Jin Lin ’17, who shares a fun cultural experience during her study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. Courtesy of Arcadia University, I got the chance to learn and experience the heart of Irish culture, the Gaelic Games! We were able to learn…


Stories from Abroad: The last taste of Florence, but not of friendship

Post by Laura Jimenez ’17, who recently returned from a study abroad trip to Florence, Italy. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson. And this is me, having a taste of my last day in Florence. After the last exam, Italian 102, which I managed to finish in 20 minutes. I…

Emily Besen

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved

Post by Alex Ohnona, Class of 2014 What a beautiful world we live in! Growing up in Paris, France, Babson College was an experience abroad for me. As fulfilling as it felt, it wasn’t quite enough for me: I was hungry for change. After thorough research and advising from the the Glavin Office, I joined the…

Emily Besen

Entrepreneurship and Environmental Sustainability in Chile

Post by Dan Edmonson (original post here) The 2015 Chilean elective abroad provided several opportunities for our group to visit fascinating and fun Chilean start-ups.  On the trip’s third day, we met Oscar Munoz, founder of Green Glass, at his home and corporate headquarters.  His company found a way to derive value from something most people think…

Emily Besen

Les Américains!

David Hines, a Babson student who studied abroad in Paris last year, interviewed two exchange students from HEC Paris. Here’s their take on American culture so far.

Emily Besen

Finding a Taste of Home at Bocconi

Post by Karla Chavez, Class of 2016  I decided to study abroad in Italy for one specific purpose: immersing myself in the Italian culture. I was committed to my goal and tried to get along with other local Italians. Surprisingly most of them were very open and if you made the effort of talking to…