Rachel Kim

How to Enter Markets

On September 30, Megan Driscoll, president of PharmaLogics Recruiting came to speak to Babson students and the Butler Venture Accelerator. PharmaLogics Recruiting is located in Boston, MA. Their mission is to be the number one bio-pharmaceutical recruiting company in the world, by placing top talent at companies devoted to the development of medicine that improves…

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KP Rhee

Twitter Basics for Businesses

Many people when they hear of Twitter associate people posting details from their personal lives. Over the last couple years, startups have found that Twitter can be used as a powerful marketing tool to gain new customers. As a startup, having a free marketing platform can bring a lot of return when cash is tight.…

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What is Social Media?

Social media has become an indispensable part of our personal lives. Counting all of its members, Facebook is the third largest country in the world next to China and India. Every second two new members join LinkedIn which in total is equal to the entire enrollment of the Ivy League Universities. Social media not only…

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MBA Dingle: Juggling between Entrepreneurship and Finding a Job in Finance? Be Mindful of Your Social Media Presence.

Entrepreneurship is a growing arena in business schools across the country.  Statistically, however, 85% of ventures will fail within their first year.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs in top business school must juggle a mountain load of debt between pursuing a highly risky endeavor and landing a potentially lucrative job in finance.  How does your social media…

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Leveraging Social Media for a Start-up

Drive More Traffic To Your Website With Social Media Starting a new business with the internet as your shopfront means competing with many other online businesses, but it also means that you have access to much more free traffic than you could ever hope for. To get that free traffic, online start-ups might want to…

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Online Reputation – But I don’t use social media?

The internet is informative, helpful, a great way to communicate, a convenient way to access custom and a fantastic marketing tool. Through social media, even the smallest businesses have been able to grow larger than life reputations and in turn, profit margins. Like it or not, social media must be mastered by any entrepreneur wishing…

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The Effect of Social Media on Business

With the increase of social media sites on the web, companies have found a way to market and improve upon their products by using the newly-established field of text mining technology. Social networking sites and blogs allow companies to bypass traditional market research methods and get opinions directly from the consumer. By processing this information,…

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