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Emily Besen

Humans of Babson: Maria Cristina Cruz

Posted by Babson Latin American Club Maria Cristina Cruz, 2nd Year MBA, Venezuela 1. What is your favorite Latin American dish? I love arepas (the Venezuelan ones, which are different from Colombian ones), and pabellón criollo (our national dish made up of white rice, black beans, fried plantains and shredded beef)- I have no idea how…

Emily Besen

Babson Latin American Club hosts Chilean Congressman Felipe Kast

Post contributed by the Babson Latin American Club  On Friday, December 6 the Babson Latin American Club [BLAC] hosted Felipe Kast for a high powered session on Entrepreneurship as a Tool to Overcome Poverty. Mr. Kast is the former Chilean Minister of Planning, recently elected Congressman and leader of the reconstruction of the country after…