Overcoming Challenges as an International MBA Student

By Kaz Kawaguchi Since I came to Babson in 2012 summer, I have faced many challenges. I have lived in Japan for around 30 years, and this was my first time to live abroad, so I expected that I would face many challenges such as language issue and cultural difference as well as study at…

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The Band Room In Park Manor Central

By Roxelane Wagner: Wonder if everyone on campus is aware of the band room’s existence in Park Manor Central. I know I discovered it by chance around the end of October. While I was hanging out on the first floor, I suddenly heard loud music that was not coming from anyone’s room. I was informed…

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Winter Break Realization

By Dominic Esposito: When I put down my overflowing luggage in my room, sat down on my bed, and let out an exhausted breath, I looked to my right and saw my passion. To the right were my alto sax, soprano sax, music stand, and never-ending collection of sheet music. This time I decided my…

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Theater and the Arts: A New Business Mentality

Jeff Lipson: Jeff playing the leading role of Mark in Jonathan Larson’s, RENT. (Photo Credit: Benjamin Staples) As a freshman, I felt honored to receive the role of Mark in our production of Jonathan Larson’s rock opera, RENT. In all my years of performing and receiving lead roles, this was my most tasking role yet.…

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