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Jake Maude

Rocket Pitch 2017

All eyes on you, your idea meets the world, standing room only, 3 minutes, “Go.” Rocket Pitch at Babson is the culmination of countless hours of ideation, action, and the pursuit of something beyond what exists. It brings together many people from diverse backgrounds, especially founders, angel investors, students, and entrepreneurial thinkers. For some, it…

Jake Maude

SVP Blog Series: Magnomer

Magnomer is a Babson startup focused on improve recycling efficiency through a patent-pending process. The name Magnomer is a mashup of magnetic and polymer, since the company is applying magnetized materials to plastics so that recyclers can separate plastics from other items. The company is currently working with Preserve (also started by a Babson alum),…

Jake Maude

Food Startup Strategy with Food Lawyer Larry Gennari

It’s no secret that Babson boasts some incredible food entrepreneurs. Food Sol’s Community Table is a mix of people with varied interests in food and entrepreneurship that helps keep this trend going. The event meets at the Blank Center, an incubator that is perhaps the heart of Babson’s entrepreneurial pursuits. In early September the meeting…