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3 Colleges + Composers= Exciting Concert!

By Marion Dry:  The Three College Collaboration usually means classes at Babson, Olin or Wellesley; joint academic projects; lectures; and the occasional party.   But on November 4 at Houghton Chapel at Wellesley, we add MUSIC to that mix.  Not just any music!!!  Songs (two sets) by composer and law professor, Toni Lester of Babson, and a set of piano pieces by music and physics professor, Diana Dabby of Olin.  I represent Wellesley and I don’t compose, but I sing, and I teach singing.   The music is edgy, thought provoking and beautiful.  I won’t be singing alone.  I have invited the other two members of The Jubilee Trio, baritone, Robert Honeysucker, and pianist, Leslie Amper, to join me.   The concert will feature Toni and Diana’s music, along with other pieces by American composers.

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Come at 7pm to hear Diana and Toni talk about their music.   Stay after the 8pm concert for a reception with awesome food where you can meet folks from the other two campuses!

Marion Dry, Head of Music Department at Wellesley College.