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Taelyr Made For You

Taelyr Roberts: In the wake of a modern day brand revolution lays Taelyr Made for You- a company with traditional origins and values but with unconventional experience, ideas & ways of doing business. As many of you know, Babson is home to several entrepreneurial endeavors and this is one to join the ranks. TaelyrMade as it is fondly referenced is a jewelry company that takes your ideas and makes them come alive. You can choose each piece that goes into your piece of jewelry from the base metal all the way to the clasp. If you were to ask founder- Taelyr Roberts what makes TM special is that “people really enjoy having a hand in the items that they wear. I like it because it not only gives the customer creative license, but me as well. I also really enjoy making someone’s vision come alive. I believe that the customer and the passion for their product is what keeps me moving toward a greater goal for TaelyrMade each day.” Each piece is handmade & handcrafted with care and attention to detail. If you wish to have an accessory that you envision along with great customer service, then select jewelry TaelyrMade for You today.

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Taelyr Roberts, Class of 2015