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Singing as a Passion

Rebecca Cooper: Everyone has something special in their life, something that they must do in order to replenish the energy of their soul. For others it may be hiking, boating, writing, painting, etc… for me, it is singing.

At every point in my bumpy and somewhat chaotic path, music has found its way into my life. The arts all have something magical about them in the way they cross languages, barriers, and even time to touch people… but I feel music is special in the way it can not only set a tone, but actually evoke emotion that did not previously exist or bring memories to mind so vividly it feels as though you are actually reliving them.

For six years in Florida I performed once a week as lead singer of The Moondogs. But after moving to Massachusetts, and as a single mom starting her MBA, I worried that the music would simply fade away in the busy whir of life. As I have frequently found, however, music cannot be suppressed and musicians always find each other… and by the start of spring term I was blessed to find a group of very talented individuals who shared my passion. Without them… and without the music… I don’t know that I would have successfully fought my way through such a grueling semester.

So I leave you with this thought: As you fight battles in life, remember to keep your passion in sight. And if it happens to be music, look me up!

Rebecca Cooper