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Art and Business in FME

Alex Woodhouse:

FME is an acronym that every Babson Freshman will pick up and use in their vernacular almost daily throughout their first two semesters at Babson. The experience varies from being a CEO to being a key member in a particular department to help make sure your company runs successfully. My place in my FME company, Aura, was the VP of Marketing. My freshman year art experience began with AP Studio Art and some basic design and editing skills under my belt. By the end of this year though, I learned to work Adobe Illustrator, work website templates and to use advanced features of iMovie and Keynote.

Aura’s Logo

I had the honor of working with a great team of 6 other marketing members. As the VP, I delegated the tasks between groups and then check all completed work which then went on to the Eboard for review. While the marketing team was busy working on the social media side to our company, I got to tinker with Adobe Illustrator to develop and design Aura’s logo. With a combined effort, the marketing team managed to produce some great work.

Aura’s Product in all Colors

In the end, Aura’s marketing efforts certainly paid off. Aura generated the most revenue and profit for the FME 2011-2012 year and made its mark. As Aura’s marketing head, I was enabled to expand my artistic experience through technology and try to combine my old techniques and ideas with the fresh ideas the team had to create something awesome. It was truly a great experience.

One of Aura’s Marketing Efforts at the Annual FME Fair


Alex Woodhouse, Class of 2015