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Never Stop Doing What You Love

Bessy Tam: Since my first ballet lesson, it took me 6 years to discover my passion for dancing Hip Hop, 8 years to find the courage to choreograph a dance, and 9 years to establish my leadership position within the dance field.  I’ve also become skilled in 2D/3D art, playing the clarinet and organ since I was a young child. I am still not about to give up. There is no doubt that finding time to continue these activities, as well as other interests in sports and academics, is hard to find at Babson College due to the time-consuming curriculum. This is the same for many of my fellow classmates. I hope for this year to be yet another year of achievements for me and Babson fine arts: to keep dancing when BDE is not in session, bring a greater variety of dances to BDE, be more involved in the fine arts of Babson with BFA (I did a successful pottery painting session during Freshman year), at least try out for/take classes with SYTYCD, and bring more music into the Babson community. I believe that one can always find time for things that one loves to do. This is why I will help the Babson rediscover its hidden talents and interests in the fine arts. I will not leave Babson without a mark as a leader of the community before I leave to achieve one of my biggest dreams as a successful artist in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Check out my recent choreography in BDE:

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Bessy Tam, Class of 2014