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Morgan Keith on Internship at Charles River Ballet

Morgan Keith: The dance scene at Babson is surprisingly prevalent. Coming from a dance-focused life back home in Texas, I wasn’t expecting Babson to have so many opportunities in the area of the arts, but I have been pleasantly surprised. As I mentioned, I am a dancer, focusing mainly on areas of dance that root themselves in ballet, but I also participate in jazz. I was a member of my studio’s competition team and my city’s ballet company since the 2nd grade. I spent most of my time through my school years doing homework, going to dance, and going to work. I’ve never really aspired to be a professional dancer only because I’ve realized how difficult that is and I get so much more joy out of teaching others the awesome opportunities you learn from dance. I aspire to own my own studio so I can share my experiences with my own students. By coming to Babson I hoped to further my interests and take advantage of any opportunity presented that integrated dance with entrepreneurship. This year I have collaborated with another student on campus to conduct a class in the athletic center as well as worked with a local studio owner/director to offer master classes here on campus. In February I brought Emily Umland, owner of the Charles River Ballet Academy, to campus to hold two ballet master classes free of charge to those interested. After working with Emily to bring the classes to Babson, I stayed in touch with her to further my interest in running my own studio. I gained advice and information from Emily through questions on email and have been offered a position to work with her over the summer during the academy’s performance weeks. I look forward to more experiences with Emily and hope to continue to gain even more knowledge as the year goes on.

Morgan Keith, Class of 2015