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First Step

Dear Entrepreneurs,

As you know, we are working in a challenging project named Farmer’s Crate, which is a company that commercializes all natural foods with the mission to provide the highest quality, taste and ingredients from Latin America into the United States.

The company is in its final process of creating the logo and package design for the first product that is going to lunch in the next months. We are using a website named, that has been very helpful to us because we are not creative mind as many other entrepreneurs. We highly recommend it!!!

In addition, we have been working with a group of 27 entrepreneurs with the same purpose – make our idea come true. The named of this organization is Youth Trade (  Youth Trade was born out of the question of how to align conscious companies with conscious entrepreneurs. YouthTrade is currently being piloted in Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and the US.

In regards of our next steps, we already contacted package suppliers inside and outside the United States. In addition, we are in the middle of a negotiation with two distributors. As soon we advance we will let you know!!!!


Farmer’s Crate team