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Be Our Voice – Pakistan 2012

Ali Gul: Voting is among the most powerful tools a citizen of a democratic nation can have. A vote has the power to elect presidents, overthrow dictators and promote democracy. Unlike many developing nations, most citizens of developed nations understand the power and importance of their vote. My artifact is a video which is trying to raise awareness among Pakistan’s voters so that they vote.

Pakistan is currently going through its worst times. The country is in a state of turmoil and nothing seems to be in place. While many may blame terrorism, religion, or the lack of education for the current state of the country, I believe the problem lies within the people. Throughout Pakistan’s history, the citizens of Pakistan have showed little interest in voting. People have felt that their vote has little if not any significance.

After the Middle Eastern uprising, the world has seen the power of the people. If a nation wants to change itself, it can. All it needs is determination from the youth. Spreading awareness is not any easy task; however, it is also not something impossible. My video is amongst my first attempts to raise awareness among people.

I could have easily made a bad quality video, with bad music and no plot; however, that would not have helped the cause. The Kony 2012 campaign is great because of the way the message is delivered. If the people from Invisible Children had made a low budget film, they would not have received as much attention as they have received currently. I feel that one has to be creative in the way they spread their message.

I can see Pakistan changing in this coming election. It is the first time we have hope, because there is a new political party which is led by a leader named Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a celebrity in Pakistan, and has made great sacrifices for the country. He is the person that can help Pakistan change its current state. Although he has already made a big impact on the youth, he cannot bring change alone. He needs help from people who can market his message.

Almost half of Pakistan cannot vote. Pakistan’s future generations depend on what happens today. The country has to experience change. The nation has a lot it has to change; however, it is time the citizens are made aware that they have to take the first step; they have to vote. My artifact is the voice of the millions of Pakistanis who want change. It is a video which raises awareness that if we want to change our future, we have to vote for this coming election.

The campaign is called “Be Our Voice”, because I want the people who can vote to be the voice of the people who cannot. It is the responsibility of the voters to give a brighter future to the upcoming generations. Pakistan is called a democratic nation, it is time it acts as one. Vote 2012.


Here is a link to the video:


Ali Gul, Class of 2012