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What’s Your Secret?

Mo Yang:

What’s Your Secret? Display in Sorenson

On April 9th, Babson Fine Arts Association hosted a reception for What’s Your Secret? project on the second floor of Sorenson Center for the Arts. The concept of What’s Your Secret? was inspired by Frank Warren’s PostSecret, in which people mail in their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. BFAA recreated it by having people write their secrets on photos anonymously. Last semester, BFAA provided a variety of photos and a drop-off box in Reynolds Campus Center for a month to collect those secrets. And this semester, BFAA decided to use those photos to create a collective and tangible representation of the emotions behind the faces. The goals of this project are to empower Babson students to reveal and unload their secrets or feelings with the community as well as to provide a visual platform for learning, sharing, and appreciating our differences and similarities.

Mo Yang, Class of 2014


Photo Credit: Mo Yang