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“Back to the Basics”

Nancy Yang:

A little more than a week ago, LFA held a fashion show called “Back to the Basics”. The show featured different fashion styles from several decades ranging from the 1920’s to the modern 2000’s. Another important aspect of the show, which combined Babson with Fashion, was  the student entrepreneurs and their featured products, such as Ranee Cheung and her tights. Afterwards we even had yummy chinese cuisine and a viewing party, allowing viewers to purchase the student’s items and talk to the designers themselves.

But as casting director and assistant stylist, I actually did not get to see the show. I was running around backstage helping the models get dressed and such. With several different scenes, models only had around 5 – 10 minutes to change and get dressed for the next scene. It was quite hectic, but at the same time very fun and exhilarating. While the show only lasted a little more than an hour, it took months to prepare for. The committee started meeting back in November of last year to cast models and start searching for clothes fitting each decade shown. We got past Babson entrepreneurs as well as local companies in the Greater Boston area to sponsor some clothing items for us. In the end, after all the planning, the committee members and the models all had a great time seeing our efforts finally pay off. The show was a huge learning experience, and hopefully next year, LFA will bring out a bigger and better Fashion show.


Nancy Yang, Class of 2014