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“All of this for a loaf of bread…”

Mark Lorenzo: So I thought it would be a good idea for our students to learn some of the business of “show business” ….but I did not think that anyone would want to see the 25th Anniversary Production of Les Miserables. Well to my surprise (and delight) five young entrepreneurs  accompanied me to the performance on March 29, 2012.

We arrived at the stage door of the Opera House, to meet Greg Brewster (previous Babson Technical Director) one of three electricians that are responsible for the set up and execution of the lighting for the production. We toured backstage prior to the performance viewing all that happens behind the scenes and, additionally, we learned  about the set-up/running of the tour. We spent a few minutes in each of the departments on-stage involved in the production – Lighting/Audio/Video/Automation/Scenery/Wardrobe – learning how many staff, how much equipment, etc. is used for the production.

After the walk around and discussion (approximately one hour), it was time to take our seats for the performance.

The performance (all three hours of it…) was spectacular.

Getting a glimpse into the business side of the production, made it all the more memorable.

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Mark Lorenzo, Technical Director, Sorenson Center for the Arts