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Babson’s Got Talent!

Hannah Esberg: On Friday night at 6 in Sorenson-Carling Theatre, the FME business Charity Challenge hosted a talent show open to all students with no restrictions on the performance possibilities. Though the sun still shined outside, an intimate audience sat in the dark theatre anticipating their friend’s talent. When so many peers got up on the stage to show their abilities for the ukulele, song, poetry, dance, comedy, and even unbelievable beat-boxing, the audience reacted whole-heartedly and with such a volume that the theatre sounded packed with people from the outside. Highlights included a ukulele duet by Max Tave and his friend Dan Perea, a spoken word demonstration by Breeana Blackmon, and an a capella song by Hee Won Suh. While every talent was well-received, the final vote proclaimed Adam Jarolimek as the winner; unexpected considering his initial plan was just to be a member of the audience. Adam called his talent beat-boxing, but his act went far beyond that as he flawlessly imitated the sounds of cars, video-games, and percussion instruments using only his body and the microphone. Even in such a small sample of the Babson population, the night revealed for all in attendance that Babson HAS got talent.

If you would like to watch some of the students in action, click here:

Hannah Esberg, Class of 2015