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Welcome to the Arts@Babson Blog!

Michèle Oshima: The staff at the Sorenson Center for the Arts will be curating different community member voices to share the rich diversity of arts opportunities available to students. We’ll be covering the full spectrum of the arts: literary; performance (comedy, dance, film, music, theater); and visual arts (ceramics, comics, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture) and design (architecture, fashion and graphic). Primarily, we’ll stay on campus (or in the 3-college consortium of Babson, Olin and Wellesley), and occasionally we’ll share opportunities in the Boston metropolitan area. The students, staff, faculty, interns and alumni have varied lenses so please come back to experience different points of view. We intend to provide daily blogs during the fall and spring semesters.

For this inaugural blog, we’d like to share our mission statement:

The Sorenson Center for the Arts fosters an environment of creativity and exploration through enhancing the natural synergies between entrepreneurship and the arts, encompassing literary, performing (dance, film, music and theater), and visual arts/design.
It is our goal to help produce Babson and Olin Engineering students and alumni who understand that creative thinking and the arts can enhance venture ideation, global understanding, and innovation in the real world. In order to accomplish our goals we leverage our state-of-the-art facilities and highly dedicated and experienced staff to enable our students to reach their full potential as global citizens and business leaders.

Michèle Oshima, Director, Sorenson Center for the Arts