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Building Your Team

Arjun Bhatnagar ’18 and Andrew Coca ’18 of Hey! HeadsUp (a Babson hatchery business) recently hosted a peer to peer session on building a team for the Butler Venture Accelerator. Hey! headsUp is an interactive service that schedules reminders onto another’s calendar or to-do list. As freshmen in Babson’s undergraduate program, Bhatnagar and Coca have grown their…

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Yerim Kim

An exploration of entrepreneurship education in Africa

On April 22nd, Akeem Allen ’17 of CREED and Marvin Tarawally ’17 of Students Making a Real Transformation (SMART) Liberia (formerly Student Reform Initiative) joined members of the Butler Venture Accelerator on their experience of spreading Entrepreneurship spirit in Africa. CREED was established in November of 2014 to provide education to broader education in Mamelodi…

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Leverage insights from payment data analytics

We are all aware that one of the key success drivers for startups is understanding and making the most out of the resources available. Having dived deep into the payment industry, Intelligent Payment Networks (IPN) team realized how valuable the insights gained from analyzing the business’s electronic payment processing could be the overall business decision-making…

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San Francisco Alumni Club Monthly Spotlight: Taylor Stitch

The San Francisco Alumni Club’s monthly spotlight on alumni businesses continues. Check back and read about more Babson startups! The following post is from Christa Ferguson M’15 of Parrot Foods. Title of each founder: We are all co-founders Industry: Clothing Design & Retail What do you sell: Tailored casual men’s and women’s clothing and accessories…

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Expansion of client portofio: how to best strategize it? – Intelligent Payment Networks

As Intelligent Payment Networks (IPN) moves into its third year of operations, in retrospective, we have changed tremendously in comparison to when we first started out a few years ago. The size of our company increased and our clients are now spanning multiple industries (and growing.) Babson has definitely helped us get to where we…

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Babson Hatchery

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The following post is from Akeem Allen ’17, founder of CREED , a spring 2015 hatchery business. In 1985, Steve Mariotti founded the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship; an entrepreneurship education program targeted toward low-income youth in inner-city areas all across the United States. Since its inception, NFTE has been able to impact over half a…

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B.E.T.A. Challenge Semifinalists!

This past Monday, March 30, the Blank Center announced the B.E.T.A. (Babson Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®) Challenge semifinalists. Meet the semifinalists on Wednesday, April 8 at the Venture Expo! The event starts at 4:30pm and will be on the ground floor of Olin Hall. Audience members get to help chose who are finalists are by…

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Competition Time for Winter Sports Teams!

Although winter remains in full swing here in Boston, it is that time of year that the winter sports teams begin heading towards their post season championships! Here at Babson, we have 22 Varsity sports between the men’s and women’s teams and among them we have the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, Men’s Hockey team,…

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