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2016 Summer Venture Program Wellesley

Today we start the Summer Venture Program in Wellesley! We are excited to have 16 teams in the Wellesley program this year. The Summer Venture Program is a a 10-week intensive experience designed to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial ventures. SVP supports the most promising graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurs from Babson, Olin College of Engineering,…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Summer Networking

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador Michael Horbowy ’18. With summer break practically here, everyone is looking forward to having fun and beginning their internships. However, if you’re not in the office all day and you get more of a tan than your doctor approves, you get tired of catching up with friends…

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Lucy Turner

Take Some Time to Breathe!

It is very common at Babson to be highly involved in the community along with school work which can cause time to fly by without notice. As the end of the school year rounds the corner, I encourage everyone to take some time to enjoy their final weeks of springtime here at Babson and prepare…

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Lee Goldstein

How the Right Mentor Can Help You Succeed

As summer internships or entry-level positions creep closer to their start dates, it is important to be on the lookout for your next mentor. A good mentor, someone who will assist you in developing professionally, can be greatly beneficial as you begin a career or explore a new industry. Your odds for advancement, job success,…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

End of Semester Checklist

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassadors Stela Maksutaj ‘17 and Michael Horbowy ’18.  Plan your Goals for the Summer The summer should be relaxing and fun, but also a time to excel yourself in ways you might not have time for during the academic year. What are your personal goals? Will you take…

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Kelsey Choi

A Summer Reflection

Interning at WGBH was an experience I will not forget. This internship helped me clarify some questions I have had regarding decisions on what I wanted to pursue after I graduate from Babson. With my wide variety of interests which involved business, tech, and creative hobbies, I felt I was at a loss on where…

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D Coley

Ask the Right Questions

Any intern would agree that asking questions comes with the territory. You’re new and there is a lot to learn. In theory asking questions seems pretty simple. What is this? How do you do that? And why? It is natural for people to ask questions, but that is not the end of it. The tricky…

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Reflecting on My Internship Goals

Before I began my summer internship with Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13), I set some goals that I felt would help me maximize the experience and my learning. The three goals were: 1. Meet great people and establish a network, 2. Attend and engage myself at events, and 3. Learn about the various federal agencies. Now that I’ve only…

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Josh Boutin

Sneak Peek: Class of 2019 Summer Reading

Part of what makes Babson great is that students can get involved in so many different things. The opportunities are limitless, as I found out in October 2013, when I was asked to be a student representative on the committee that chooses incoming first-years’ summer reading selection. Over the past two years, I’ve joined other students, staff, and faculty to find…

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Getting Off Campus

Although campus is beautiful, and I love spending time here, it is also situated in gorgeous Wellesley, MA which allows students the chance to get off campus and explore the quaint town. One of my favorite places in Wellesley is the ice cream shop JP Licks. They make a variety of flavors that are sure…

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