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Brandon Schwartz

Networking…Why is it Important?: An Intern’s Perspective

Whether you work for an organization that is small, big, or somewhere in between, there is one thing every student—both undergrads and graduate students, regardless of their field of study—should be doing during their internship: networking. There is an old phrase (whose origin is unknown) that goes as follows: “It is whom you know, then…

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Debora Queiroz Sena

Exploring Careers and Corporate Cultures

Before starting my internship at Endeavor Brazil, I did not expect that that by knowing people who do not work at Endeavor, I would be able to know different career paths and companies so closely. Last week I travelled to a city near Florianopolis, called Joinville, with some local entrepreneurs to visit two companies. However,…

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My Biggest Accomplishments

As I only have 2 more weeks of my internship left, I wanted to provide some dialogue about what I think my biggest accomplishments for my summer internship are. I have been given many projects, assignments, and duties throughout this summer and it’s time I take a moment to look at where I started and…

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Giovanna Pickering

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you

As I was sitting in on a college marketing internship event, a particular quote inspired me to reflect on my experience: It’s not about who you know anymore, it’s who knows you. It is not enough to simply show up. You have to make your mark in today’s world. Some of the best advice I have…

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Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics so much. We used it briefly in my Managing Information Technology class in the spring semester, and to be honest, I never thought I would use it again. That is, until, we were having a slow day at the office and I, without any active projects to work on, asked if…

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Brandon Morrison

Finding your Pitch

My internship in the Spinners ticket office has been a blast and incredibly educational. Working in sales is a long cumulative adventure, where every sales call builds on the previous one. Sales certainly offers many challenges, but is equally rich in its rewards. Leaving voicemail after voicemail is anything but fun. However, it is crucial…

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Sophia Zhu

The Importance of a Head Start

I came to realize that getting a head start is a huge advantage. The age range of interns vary but I am currently the youngest intern at the company. Today a new intern joined the team and while getting to know her, I found out that she is 29 years old- a whole decade wiser…

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Expanding your Network

As a rising junior, I’m guilty of feeling as though I have all the time in the world to network in order to find a job after graduation. That was until I encountered a woman on an express bus while on my way to work who sparked up conversation with me. It started with her complimenting…

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George Cleveland

Last Minute Trip to Dallas

While doing laundry last Saturday I received this text message from my boss at State Traditions: 1:35pm: George – would you be available to catch a flight to Dallas this afternoon to attend the Dallas market show? We have run into a bit of a problem with our crate and have to get product to…

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What People Don’t Tell you Before Starting Your Internship

Going into this summer I expected to be working for a Commission under the Connecticut government. Less than a week before my start date I received an email saying the governor had cut the Commission out of the state budget and my internship was now not available along with all the other people displaced from…

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