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Ditching The City That Never Sleeps for No Sleep

Here I sit listening to Pink Floyd’s song, “Time”, never feeling so disconnected to the following lines, “Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day / You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way”. I am Nicole, a rising sophomore and Posse Scholar at Babson College. I am from New York…

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Annie Bergeron

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Recruiting is OPEN at Babson

RECRUIT BABSON UNDERGRADUATE TALENT IN FALL 2018 Babson College Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) invites you to join us to build your brand on-campus and identify talent for your organization! If you don’t see something that fits your needs or industry, contact us, and we can set up a call to discuss…

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Jewels Are Cool

Considering this is my first blog, I would like to introduce myself and what I am doing this summer. My name is Jenny and I am a rising senior at Babson College. This summer I am working at a company called Saraswati Imports which is a b2b wholesale jewelry company in the Berkshires in Western…

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Looking Down from the Dark Woods as my Own Master, Own Poet

As an individual who has merely traveled to family in my home countries of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the west coast always seemed so abstract, for a trip to a place like San Francisco has always been unattainable. Therefore, in deciding whether to accept my internship, the factor of traveling into the unknown, moreover…

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Finance? As a Freshman? But How?

Hi, my name is Bahram Tavakoli; I am from Annapolis, MD, and I am a rising sophomore at Babson. This summer I will be interning at Search Fund Accelerator as a private equity investment analyst. During my 11-week adventure, I will be conducting due diligence on companies, working with brokers for sales, analyzing financial statements,…

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Sasha Pronin

Connect, Update, Revise: How to Prepare Your LinkedIn (or Resume) for a Summer Internship

Being a freshman entails a ton of responsibilities, especially since being a career-oriented individual is almost second nature to us Babson College students. Throughout my first year at Babson, I learned that everyone, or most, is either actively searching for career opportunities or working on their own ideas. I did not have my own project to…

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Alexandra Guillot

Going Back to My Roots

As I prepare my first internship blog post for the summer, I find myself reflecting upon my first year at Babson College, and how the skills that I’ve gained will impact my internship experience. Just within the first few months of my college experience, I’ve discovered more about myself and my interests, and believe that…

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Will There Be More Girls Than Boys Every Summer I Work??

Since the first work/volunteer-program I enrolled in during my sophomore year of High School, I have been outnumbered by women. I never minded the imbalance, but I’ve gotten more curious over time as to why there are less men who qualify for internships like mine. Part of the observation may simply be caused by the…

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