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Leveraging your Connections

Wherever you are this summer, whatever you’re working on, we all have one thing in common. The people that we are working with are amazing and have a lot more professional experience than we do. It’s important to reach out beyond the work questions. Ask for career advice; hear about their path and what led…

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Yating Lu

Applying Agile Methodology Beyond IT

If you have already took the Sophomore SME courses, you probably know what agile methodology is from IT class. It is the concept of approaching a work project through iterative processes in order to cope with unpredictability. Although agile tends to be a IT word since it is mostly use to describe a software development…

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Miranda Ditmore

Overcoming TC

My name is Miranda Ditmore and I was born TC, or Technologically Challenged. I do think part of my aversion to technology was nature, as my strengths and interests lie in liberal arts. However I think the majority of the blame goes to my mom, who’s severe TC impacts everyone around her, especially me. She…

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Post-Graduation Planning

Throughout my Babson career, I have not managed to find exactly what I want in my career, but rather a lot of what I don’t want. So when I’m at a cookout and a family friend asks me what I want do when I graduate, it can be a difficult question to answer. I start…

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About Korean bank expanding to United States

The company that I am having an internship is Shinhan Bank, a Korean bank expanding to United States. The main reason I applied as an intern for Shinhan Bank is because I thought myself and the bank are in a same situation in terms of expanding one self to a bigger world. I am 21 right…

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Going With the Little One

One of the things that I value most is diversity of experience. Going through a wide range of challenges and incidents better prepares me to handle anything that I may encounter in the future. That’s why this year I decided to intern with the small non-profit, IMPACT Melanoma. Last summer, I worked for a very…

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Taking the Initiative: Dirty Bathrooms and All

“I just wanted to let you know, that the ladies room is disgusting.” Hot blood crept under my skin, burning my face to a plum red as the woman backed away from my ear, quickly turning to exit the restaurant. Mortified, I contained my urge to sprint into a brisk walk, imagining all the possible…

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D Coley

You can network with peers too!

The first day of an internship can be a frenzy. First, you meet your new boss, then you get your cubicle, then IT sets you up, and so on. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. And it’s all set up to make sure that you are able to excel throughout your internship. In addition to all…

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Sophia Zhu

The Biggest Mistake in Finding an Internship

Your first step in finding an internship may be going onto Google and searching “(Your major here) internship”. If there is a specific company you want to intern at, then you may search “(company’s name here) internships”. You land on a company’s careers page to find that there is not an internship position that interests…

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Sharon Chin

Steps to Finding the “Perfect” Internship

A search for an internship is kind of like a Mission: Impossible movie but less Tom Cruise and more disappointment. Same amount of stress though. From the beginning of spring semester, I knew that I was already behind on finding what to do for summer 2017. While many of my peers had already secured internships…

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