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Maddie Sheng

Welcome To New York: 3 Takeaways from Week 1

Until last week, New York City has always been a tourist destination for me. Now, I’m shifting the lens and viewing the city as a catapult for my future career, starting with my summer internship. From moving-in, participating in company orientation, and meeting plenty of new people, it goes without saying that my first week…

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Logan Hitchcock

Attacking Your Internship

You apply online, go through the interview process, receive your acceptance letter, and feel on top of the world. You book your housing, find a roommate, and are ecstatic to begin your internship. Only you are not alone. The other interns in your class from Wharton, Cornell, and Michigan are all gearing up for the…

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Samantha Azu

You know your goals? Now share them

Often times, I have heard people say “move in silence” or “do not share your goals” for various reasons such as so no one will know if they are not able to achieve their goals. However, I think sharing our goals may create a link between us and someone who can help us achieve your…

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Natalie Novak

If at first you don’t succeed…

Relax, it’s not really a big deal. The post-abroad internship search stress is almost impossible to escape. Like a poorly quoted young adult novel, it creeps up on you slowly and then crashes all at once. You can almost feel insecurity radiating off of every other junior, all committed to the notion that any student…

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Bessie Shiroki

Reading Between the Stripes

What is it actually like to work at a fashion startup in New York City? In a sentence, my internship is a little like The Devil Wears Prada, minus the evil boss, but add pile… or ten…of colorful striped tees.  Just as it sounds, I do make my way around Manhattan between the office, the factory,…

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Walker Praznik

Do you even want an internship?

You have finally made it to Babson. You start your first semester, and before long you overhear people talking about summer internships. All of a sudden it dawns on you–it’s September and your peers are applying for internships that do not begin until May of the next year. You immediately log into Handshake and start…

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Steven McDermott

The A-Z of Tips and Bits

I have the privilege to intern with the American Heart Association in Denver this summer. Below, I have compiled an A-Z list of what the AHA does, some tips to future interns, and some personal notes. Enjoy! American Heart Association (AHA); The non-profit I’ll be interning at this summer.  Billion. The AHA has funded more…

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Go (Mid)West, Young Woman

I’ve always been obsessed with employment. My hypothesis is that my passion is a both a function of the times—increased focus on job as identity (however flawed), work as both life’s form and function, as well as a natural inheritance from my family: my father is a employment lawyer representing employees. I’ve probably been footnoting…

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