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Annie Petrone


You have just found your dream job online, so you update your resume, write the perfect cover letter and you submit your application!  You’re totally qualified!  There’s nothing stopping you from getting that interview….or is there? Through my experience in corporate recruiting and career services, I’m here to tell you that even if you meet all…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

It’s Not Just about the Food!

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Ji Hwan Kim (’18). So you’ve put in an immense amount of work to land that internship/job. You’ve polished up your resume, submitted your applications and maybe even completed your first round of interviews. Now you’re waiting for the next round of interviews… until you get…

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The Last Day of Work Blues

Today is my last day interning for Viacom, and I find it to be a very bittersweet experience. As I made my way to work this morning I found myself in deep thought as I reminisced about all the great times that I’ve had working this summer, and all the great people I have met…

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Company Culture

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Viacom to my surprise has a company culture that is very relaxed and laid-back. The first indicator of this culture to me was the clothing choice of the people in the office. Many of the employees often come to work in business casual attire, but there are…

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The Journey of a Fashion Style (Production Edition)

This is the LAVINIA Rose Twill Jacket from Rebecca Taylor’s upcoming Holiday season. Let me bring you along the ride this style experiences in the Production department!   1. A PM (production manager) is briefed about this style in a Handover meeting with the Product Development team. The LAVINIA print was designed in-house so we had a…

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You Determine Your Internship, Education, and Career

Perhaps the most important part of an internship and life in general is asking questions. I learned this lesson (yet again) in my internship with The Melanoma Foundation of New England. Before the halfway mark of my internship, most of our focus was on marketing, surveying, and sales. While those skills are important, I wanted…

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Jacob Spitz

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

My ten-week internship has come to an end, and the time is ripe to reflect on one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I didn’t know what to expect when I had accepted an offer to work in Israel, a country that I had never been to before this internship. This summer…

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Fashion Production – A Never Changing Industry

Fashion is an industry driven by trends. Of course, strategic marketing can push certain styles into trends, but more or less, consumers triumph all in the industry. Rebecca Taylor is known for its contemporary and vibrant prints paired with its slim, modern fit. Everyday RT designers are on Photoshop working on a new print artwork.…

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The Use of Financial Ratios to Detect Fraud and Financial Manipulation

At the SEC, financial ratio analysis is used in horizontal and vertical capacities to detect potential fraud or financial manipulation. The following are used alongside a variety of other metrics and processes to identify risks:   Earnings Quality Score “What percentage of our net income contributes to cash flow from operations?” Earnings Quality measures the…

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Giovanna Pickering

Importance of Brands in the Digital Age

The music industry is dynamic. It has evolved from an industry dependent on recorded music revenues to relying on artist brands. While there is still a market for physical distribution, streaming has changed the landscape of the industry. Anyone with a mobile phone or computer can access music for free through platforms like YouTube and…

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