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Susan Lemke

Industry Spotlights are the New Employer Information Session

In the past, companies used to come to Babson to meet with students for an information session, and we heard that students were too busy to attend over 80 employer sessions per year, so we listened and now we are doing Industry Spotlights.  These nights gather 10-20 different employers in a particular industry or function,…

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First Week at Hope and Comfort

Hi, my name is Rachel Green and I am working for Hope and Comfort, a non-profit in Newton, Massachusetts as a Strategy Intern over the summer.  At Babson, I am a rising Senior actively involved in Women Giving Back and The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership.  I am very excited to work with a non-profit…

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Antonette Ho

Overcome Your Fear of Networking

The following post is from Chirag Shah M’17, co-founder of Rapidocc a 2016 SVP Wellesley business. Networking may be seamless or challenging for you, but whatever it is, we all can attest to its power. For instance, according to Kim Miles, Founder of Miles In Heels Productions, effective networking got her to where she is. …

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Babson Hatchery

Invest Right Away in a Branding Strategy

The following post is from Emily Levy ’16, founder of PICCPerfect, a spring 2016 hatchery business.  Like most first time entrepreneurs, I thought my team and I could do everything ourselves. My team and I wanted to save money and we did all of the marketing and graphics in house or in the Babson eco-system…

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Michael Chmura

Entrepreneurship For Public And Private Sector Leaders

Babson is offering the world’s first publicly offered program specifically to help public and private sector leaders create an entirely new internal capacity to formulate and implement entrepreneurship ecosystems in their societies using the most advanced concepts, methods, cases, and practice in the field. The program will be held February 29 to March 2, 2016…

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Graduate Center for Career Development

Luxottica’s Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Babson

Luxottica is part of just about every Babson graduate student’s wardrobe.  The Italian eyewear company is responsible for about 70% of all eyewear brands ranging from high-fashion sunglasses to functional optics.   The company’s retail headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Over the past year, Josh Prickett, Manager of Diversity & Recruitment Outreach at Luxottica North…

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Babson Hatchery

Obtaining Strategic Partnerships

The following post is from Dylan Husted ’17, founder of SaveOhno.org, a fall 2015 hatchery business. While I was building SaveOhno.org’s 1.0 beta, I had the challenge of finding, reaching out, and landing strategic partnerships with relevant corporations and nonprofits for the platform. My credibility was low as a 19-year-old college student, but I ended…

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Babson Faculty

Apple at the Cliff…Can It Reach the Cloud?

Will Apple follow Microsoft and Nokia, or a new different drummer? By: Marty Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Management About a year ago, I wrote a blog piece that argued Apple’s Mountain Lion exhibited a “command” structure that was heavily based upon the social network patterns of American teenagers, and that it could easily be a…

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Natalie Cullings

In Advertising, It’s All About The Strategy

While the summer temperature is only starting to heat up, my internship is in full-swing as I began my fourth week as a strategy/research intern at Mechanica USA. It’s been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to my continual exposure to the industry as the summer progresses. So you might be wondering,…

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Why companies use case interviews

More and more students are experiencing case interviews- they are popping up everywhere! Case interviews have always been a component of consulting interviews, but now we are seeing them used to evaluate marketing, strategy, operations and even retail positions. The case interview, or variations of the case interview, is here to stay. So, we should…

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