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Emily Denoble

Digital Marketing for Startups

Many of the teams in the Summer Venture Program are now ready to work towards gaining traction in the market. Members of the Babson College Marketing team, Vanessa Theoharis and Garrett, visited us in the Blank Center to explain how to do so by increasing customer recognition and trust in the brand online. A large…

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Brandon Tomlinson

Social Media, Not Just a Youth Platform

Now that my internship with the Melanoma Foundation of New England is halfway completed, I am focusing more on marketing and PR as opposed to the operations of the sunscreen dispenser program. Working with the Foundation has really opened my eyes to the need to focus on your target market when creating marketing materials. A…

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Babson San Francisco

Week 4: SF Summer Venture Program

Lot’s of happenings @ Babson San Francisco! We had a very eventful week including 3 all star speakers Elliott Adams (Customer Development), Armando Biondi (Growth Strategies), and Dwight Gertz (Decisions), our 5th *Hot Seat*, a Gari focus group, office hours with mentors, and we celebrated IdaRose’s birthday! Elliott, one of our SVP advisors, gave an overview of the business…

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Sophia Zhu

Finding The One

Hi, my name is Sophia and I am a rising sophomore at Babson. I am from New York City and hope to get into marketing for the fashion industry in the future. I am currently interning at Araks, a swim, lingerie, and sleepwear company focused on making women feel beautiful. I am a social media intern…

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Brianna DiPietro

Babson Students Selected for LinkedIn’s Inaugural Campus Editor Program

Andrea Reeves MSEL’16 and Daniel Coley ‘18 have been chosen to join LinkedIn’s first-ever Campus Editor Program – a new initiative helping to bring dynamic #StudentVoices to the platform’s 400+ million members. Within the group, Andrea and Daniel proudly represent Babson College – the only institution from which more than one student has been selected…

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Babson Hatchery

5 Tips to Market Yourself Using LinkedIn

The following post is from Samuel Sternweiler ’17, founder of JEWELv, a fall 2015 hatchery business. Professionals in every industry around the world enjoy connecting with other hard-working professionals within and outside of their trade. After the advent of Facebook, it was very easy to see that there was room for social medias to target…

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Brandon Schwartz

The Dangers of Going Social

Since the introduction of Facebook in 2004, social media has revolutionized the way business is done, people communicate, and the way we live. The introduction of other social media utilities such as Twitter and Instagram have only added onto how billions of users from around the world interact with one another; however, as individual users…

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Babson Hatchery

Defining a Social Media Strategy

The following post is from Marielle De Blois M’16, founder of Crece, a summer 2015 hatchery business. As entrepreneurs, we all know that it is vital to have an active role in social media. We’ve heard that marketing is no longer about having a monologue with our consumers, but it is now a two-sided conversation;…

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Babson Hatchery

How to Decide Your Facebook Cover

The following post is from Clinton Lee M’15, founder of McLee Oil, a summer 2015 hatchery business. One day I, the founder of McLee Oil, felt that the company’s Facebook page cover had been there quite a while and wanted to make some change to it.  The current Facebook cover was designed a few months…

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