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Emily Woodward

Get Ready to Mingle: Internship Style

The thirst for more connections and networking opportunities lies deep within the heart of any entrepreneur. After all, it is engraved into our brains from early on that these relationships will be key in the advancement of our career. However,  I felt ill-prepared for the abundance of networking opportunities that I was introduced to at…

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Leveraging your Connections

Wherever you are this summer, whatever you’re working on, we all have one thing in common. The people that we are working with are amazing and have a lot more professional experience than we do. It’s important to reach out beyond the work questions. Ask for career advice; hear about their path and what led…

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Katrina Rega

Post-Graduation Planning

Throughout my Babson career, I have not managed to find exactly what I want in my career, but rather a lot of what I don’t want. So when I’m at a cookout and a family friend asks me what I want do when I graduate, it can be a difficult question to answer. I start…

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D Coley

You can network with peers too!

The first day of an internship can be a frenzy. First, you meet your new boss, then you get your cubicle, then IT sets you up, and so on. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. And it’s all set up to make sure that you are able to excel throughout your internship. In addition to all…

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Karen Macias

First Thing’s First, Coffee!

Since my internship is somewhat atypical, with no set agenda or job description, I thought I’d give you a brief outline of what a day at the DEC looks like for me. 9:00 AM: Forever: the time it takes (or feels like) to brew coffee in the morning. Because the DEC is open 24/7 to many…

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Miranda Ditmore

Surviving an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

I have a pretty unconventional summer internship. So for my second blog post, I figured I would explain more about the company I’m working for, and what I will be doing throughout the summer. I’m currently a programs intern for Venture for America (VFA), a non-profit that aims to promote entrepreneurship in emerging cities by…

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Babson Hatchery

Reimagine Networking: How to craft the perfect “Snapchat” Pitch

The following post is from Hari Maheshwaran ’18, co-founder of ZAVR Men, a spring 2017 hatchery business. ZAVR Men is redefining the modern gentleman by designing minimal, modern accessories that effortlessly complement a well-dressed attired for any occasion, embodying the lifestyle of the modern gentleman. This blog was originally posted on Medium. Access here >> When…

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Annie Bergeron

Recruit Babson Undergraduate Talent in Fall 2017!

The Babson Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) invites you to join us to build your brand on-campus and identify talent for your organization. Learn about the Undergraduate CCD Employer Sponsorship Program an exclusive partnership that creates opportunities to maximize your organization’s recruiting effectiveness across campus. SIGNATURE FALL UNDERGRADUATE RECRUITING EVENTS Career Expo 2017 Wednesday, September 20th…

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Brianna Radicioni

Babson WIN Lab and WE BOS to Host Free Summer Soiree on June 7—WIN Lab Applications Now Open Through June 30 for All Women Entrepreneurs

Babson College’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab® and Women Entrepreneurs Boston (WE BOS) invite all to attend their annual Summer Soiree—a free event to meet with, and learn more about, women entrepreneurs in the community and learn more about the program. The soiree will also introduce attendees to available resources in the greater startup ecosystem,…

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Babson Hatchery

Use Your Network

The following post is from Charles Morris ’19, of Briggs Original Inc., a spring 2017 hatchery business. Briggs Original Inc. has created the worlds first all-natural, gluten-free, spiked sparkling water made with real New England Cranberry. The company will be launching its first product, Boston Cranberry, in Boston, in the Spring of 2017. One of…

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