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Cato Institute Winter Liberty Seminar 2018

Post by Xizi Luo ’18 Libertarianism is a political theory that is described by most as “economically conservative and socially progressive”. At the Cato Institute’s Winter Liberty Seminar, I participated in a three-day crash course on libertarian theory and libertarian approaches to current policy issues. I heard experts from the Cato Institute promote how the…

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Emily Denoble

How 2 Network

Welcome back to another exciting semester of How 2 Tuesdays! Our first How 2 Tuesday in February was led by Stuart Tucker, a Major Gifts Officer at Babson. Mr. Tucker’s job is to generate new relationships and maintain existing connections with Babson alumni, friends, and corporations. He regularly interacts with both “cold” and “warm” contacts…

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Jay Robie

Babson Graduate Students Keep Expanding their Networks

The 5th annual Babson Boston Connect, held on November 30th, 2017, drew a large number of attendees to the HubSpot offices in Cambridge. The event was organized by the Graduate Center for Career Development and Babson’s Events Management Office and was open to all of the current graduate students (One Yr and Two Yr MBA,…

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Antonette Ho

First Spring 2018 #How2Tuesday: How 2 Network

The Blank Center is excited for our first #How2Tuesday of the spring 2018 semester: How to Network with Stuart Tucker of Babson College! Please note this session is in Luksic 101. When you’re at the beginning stages of a startup, networking is everything. Although it might seem easy to just talk to people, there are…

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Katherine McVey

Affinity Scholarships for Veteran MBA Students

Written By, Jim Grande     The summer during Babson’s One-Year MBA is a crucible. Navigating a challenging academic course load while forging friendships that will last a lifetime, I made it a priority to take advantage of the sparsely populated campus. Early in the program we were introduced to career services- the folks who…

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Luke Talman

Asking questions to further one’s education

While interning at Surfdog Records, I not only strived to learn at work, but also researched the industry outside of the workplace. One way I was able to learn more about the industry was by reaching out to people within the industry via Linkedin. I often searched for people that had some valuable knowledge about…

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Sophia Zhu

Connections are Everything

I have been attending Curve, a lingerie and sleepwear trade show here in New York for two days now and my main take away is to never burn bridges with anyone. Over the past few days, a countless number of attendees have approached my mentor and the one thing she told us interns, is to…

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The Light Bulb That Is Networking

Throughout my life I have always been told time and time again how important it is to network. When I was in high school it was to network to get me into a good college and help me with recruiting for college sports. When I finally entered my first year at Babson it was FME driving…

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