James Dewey-Rosenfeld

Pump Up the Volume

It’s no secret that admission counselors are deep into application reading at this point. Just like everything else, everyone has their own way to get things done. Most people in our office play music in the background while they read, so I figured I would give everyone a sampling of what our staff listens to…

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How To: Survive Finals with Music

By Joey Mensah: Finals don’t start until this Friday, and already I feel like it started on Monday. While it’s easy to get stressed during finals—especially here at Babson, one thing that of course keeps me sane is music. But for me, I have specific types of song to listen to during each phase of…

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Music in Films

By Ian Schranze: Music has been a vital part of the film industry even before movies had sound. During silent films, there would be musical accompaniment including either a piano or a full orchestra, playing throughout the movie. Usually, the pianist would improvise music for the film, highlighting drama, action, and love scenes with music.…

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The Change of Music

By Ian Schranze Recently, Boston has seen diverse genres of musical concerts happening throughout the city.  They range from pop to rock to classical music. Unfortunately, the highly underrated classical music market has been declining rapidly over the past decade. For members of the community attending concerts of people who died hundreds of years ago…

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Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Art

by Joey Mensah;  So this past week, Drake’s third album titled Nothing Was the Same was officially released in stores and online on Tuesday, September 24th. Drake, being the clear leader of hip-hop in this generation (in terms of success), has proved again what this generation needs to learn: don’t ever let anyone kill your…

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building and incentivizing your team: a story of planned serendipity

We’re a few short days away from launching Moodsnap in private beta, and as I sit here reflecting back on the journey from idea conception to now having a functioning (and dare I say compelling) application, I can’t help but feel grateful for the team that made it all possible.  I want to share with you how…

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A Vlog about the Babson-Olin Jazz

Andrew Krebs-Smith, a two-year MBA program student, tells his story as a drummer in the “fun” Babson-Olin Jazz band on Youtube. For access, click on the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7jKxnbMT_k

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Music Passion at Babson

By Alexandra Kantor: Hello! My name is Lexi Kantor and I am a freshman at Babson College! Before I discuss my musical experience at Babson, let me start by saying that I have been playing the piano for thirteen years, and it is a huge part of my life. So naturally, as I was looking…

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The Olin-Babson Jazz Band

Hi! My name is Molly Farison and I’m a senior at Olin College, right next door. I’ve been in the Olin-Babson jazz band for a couple years now, starting with singing, playing some keyboard, then picking up the saxophone and taking the opportunity to learn something new. It’s a fun, low-key group, and I always…

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Where Are We Now?

By Frederick Byram: “Where are we now” is a great question that requires quite some personal thought, that must be asked with relative frequency, that levels us, that reveals who we are through what we have been; for many, a scary question. “Where Are We Now?” is the title of David Bowie’s, a personal-favorite amongst…