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Shannon Sweeny

Professor Dhruv Grewal Recognized as Outstanding Area Editor of the Year by Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS)

Babson Marketing Professor Dhruv Grewal has been recognized by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) as an Outstanding Area Editor of the Year. Three of the JAMS Area Editors have been chosen out of the seventeen member team for this award. Professor Grewal received the award at the Academy of Marketing and Science Annual…

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Michael Chmura

When In-Store Digital Displays Drive Sales – And When They Don’t

Consumers shop at different size stores for different reasons, and retailers may well wonder whether in-store digital displays for their establishments are worth the investment. New data from a study of Swedish stores can provide valuable guidance. In “Do Digital Displays Enhance Sales? Role of Retail Format and Message Content,” Marketing Professors Anne L. Roggeveen…

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Graduate Center for Career Development

Luxottica’s Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Babson

Luxottica is part of just about every Babson graduate student’s wardrobe.  The Italian eyewear company is responsible for about 70% of all eyewear brands ranging from high-fashion sunglasses to functional optics.   The company’s retail headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Over the past year, Josh Prickett, Manager of Diversity & Recruitment Outreach at Luxottica North…

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Tips from Web Summit Attendees

The following post is from Fifi Shi ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member. Dylan Husted ’17 and Linh Le M’16, students from Babson, went to Web Summit in Ireland earlier this month. As part of Babson’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, they joined the Butler Venture Accelerator for a peer to peer session on November 19…

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Building a Brand on the ‘Gram: Using Instagram to tell your Story

It’s no secret that I have a (major) addiction to Instagram. But it’s not all vanity and ‘likes’ for me…I began appreciating the photo social media site once I realized how people were using it, specifically brands and businesses. Instagram is a tool to tell stories, engage others, and showcase creativity. About two weeks ago, I…

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Donna Sosnowski

Introverts Have a Voice

Do you frequently hear friends and colleagues spouting about whatever is on their minds?  Are they speaking while you’re thinking?  You want to join the conversation, but just don’t have the opportunity to get a word in edge wise.  You know exactly what you wanted to contribute to the discussion, and now the conversation is…

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Tim Booker

10 Painfully Awkward Marketing Mistranslations

A fun post from languageconnections.com. When companies seek to do business in other parts of the world, they must be mindful of different cultural influences. What might be popular items in the U.S., for instance, may fail in a country with different values, languages, and preferences. Companies that can respect these differences and cater to them…

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Brenda Kostyk

Facebook @ Babson brought to you by DSP — 09.15.15, 4pm, Olin Auditorium

Brought to you by Delta Sigma Pi . . . Facebook Comes to Babson WHO:  Facebook WHEN:  September 15th @ 4pm WHERE:  Olin Auditorium   Interested in becoming a Product Manager?  Interested in learning about what a Product Manager even does?  Come learn about PMing and more specifically about Facebook’s awesome entry-level Rotational Product Manager…

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Alessandra Cosimini

It’s All About The Emotion

I went to a seminar this summer that featured two Music Industry experts who have worked in the industry for 30+ years. Both of these guys started out as artists and then worked their way up to become directors of a department called SIN (Sony International). The seminar was all about their department, and how…

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