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Caroline Hayes

Tune-in now to Credit Suisse

It’s hard to believe the recruiting season is about to start for students as you are just finishing up your internships!  I hope that students have had great experiences this summer, filled with lots of learning and building new relationships with colleagues, mentors and leaders. Please take some time to enjoy the last few weeks…

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Vicky Keller

Looking Back: A First Year Career Story

Written by Micah Nelson, Class of 2018 As a first year student at Babson, one of my primary goals was to find a quality internship that would not only allow me to continue learning about business over the summer but also act as a building block for future internships and eventually a career. I began…

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Reflecting on My Internship Goals

Before I began my summer internship with Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13), I set some goals that I felt would help me maximize the experience and my learning. The three goals were: 1. Meet great people and establish a network, 2. Attend and engage myself at events, and 3. Learn about the various federal agencies. Now that I’ve only…

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Brandon Schwartz

The Dangers of Going Social

Since the introduction of Facebook in 2004, social media has revolutionized the way business is done, people communicate, and the way we live. The introduction of other social media utilities such as Twitter and Instagram have only added onto how billions of users from around the world interact with one another; however, as individual users…

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Brenda Kostyk

Indulge Your Curiosity and Find Your Own FabLab

While the pace of life doesn’t slow for many of us during the summer, these warmer months can provide opportunities to explore different terrains.  Some are spending the summer trying out new roles with companies, others exploring the world, helping family, or taking classes.  However you’re spending your time right now, let yourself meander into…

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D Coley

Why I love interning at a startup and you should too!

Internships are a dime a dozen. Students scour the web for months applying to dozens of companies in hope of landing a coveted position. After a grueling search and many interviews, I landed an internship at Evol8tion, based in New York. Here are three reasons I love working at a startup. You have the freedom…

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Brandon Schwartz

How Google Docs Saved Me This Summer

If there was no Google Docs, I wonder how my team at work and I would be able to complete our work efficiently and well. Of course, I am not saying that saying Google Docs is the final, say-all, end-all of word processors. There are definitely opportunities where Google Docs may present itself as the…

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Michelle Lederhos

Make the Most of your Summer Internship

Most likely you spent a lot of time leading up to the summer applying for summer internships… including resume critiques, cover letter writing, interviewing networking events, and more… hopefully your hard work paid off and you are preparing to start your summer internship experience. It is one thing to show up to work each day,…

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Building Your Team

Arjun Bhatnagar ’18 and Andrew Coca ’18 of Hey! HeadsUp (a Babson hatchery business) recently hosted a peer to peer session on building a team for the Butler Venture Accelerator. Hey! headsUp is an interactive service that schedules reminders onto another’s calendar or to-do list. As freshmen in Babson’s undergraduate program, Bhatnagar and Coca have grown their…

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