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Communicating For the Future

Accounting recruiting starts early. My sophomore year was filled with networking with the Big Four at different dinners and ice cream socials. Now that I’m participating in two sophomore leadership programs, it’s hitting me that they want me to decide on my service industry very soon. I just returned from EY’s Los Angeles Emerging Leadership…

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Brittany Myrick

A Babson Education Makes All The Difference

This summer I am working at my first internship where there are also interns from other schools. This has shown me how vastly different my education has been from theirs. I feel as though I have learned so many great skills that extend beyond the classroom at Babson that the other interns do not have.…

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Miranda Ditmore

Chances Are You Won’t Find Your Dream Job at 20

It is so easy to fall into the trap of believing that everyone at Babson knows exactly what they want to do, and already has their job offer lined up. As students, this puts pressure on you to achieve amazing internships that will guide you directly to your dream job. And if you’re really on…

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Karen Macias

First Thing’s First, Coffee!

Since my internship is somewhat atypical, with no set agenda or job description, I thought I’d give you a brief outline of what a day at the DEC looks like for me. 9:00 AM: Forever: the time it takes (or feels like) to brew coffee in the morning. Because the DEC is open 24/7 to many…

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Austin Fabel

From Field to Office

I believe there is a direct correlation between participating in college athletics and the impact it can have on internships when coupled with learnings gained in the classroom. While it is undoubtedly true that I have begun to put my academic skills to great use as a Summer Valuation Analyst, it is the lessons, experiences,…

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Now I Know I’m Sure

When you start searching for an internship or new job you obviously want to look for something that will help lead you into a career you really want to be in. Last year I didn’t feel like I was lucky enough to find an internship like that, but this summer that’s all changed. I’ve known…

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Taking Risks

  Part of my responsibilities at Raptor Capital is evaluating risk, and providing an accurate representation of “how risky” the potential investment may be. How much risk is one willing to take on, and why should one take on risk? When posing these questions, a simplistic answer may be “the greater the risk, the greater…

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FME put into action

Foundation for Management and Entrepreneurship (FME), a class that in many respects is considered a rite of passage here at Babson. As a first year I was fascinated by the prospect of starting, running, and then existing a company. I came into the course thinking that entrepreneurship is exactly what I wanted to do, and…

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First Day at Alba

I always had an interest in fashion ever since I began high school. I mean I did go to a fashion specialized high school in New York, so it was a given. But I ended coming to Babson because I thought business was a good foundation for anything. As a result, I wanted to combine…

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