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Importance of Entrepreneurship

What makes a good business? If you would have asked me this question a few months ago, I likely would have replied with some form of “if the business is making lots of money.” While this is true, this is only one of many factors that are important in a good business. During the summer,…

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How to stand out in your intern class

I have always prided myself on the approach of doing things differently, by adding a creative twist and working harder to bring ideas to life. I believe that innovation is what pushes us forward to an incredible future. Innovation comes from seeing that the way we do things can be better, utilizing our unique perspective.…

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Technology in a Virtual Internship

For someone my age, technology does not always come easily and I have often noticed I have to spend more time to learn new skills in this area. During my virtual internship this summer, technology is more important than ever. I realized I needed to develop my skills in data analytics by utilizing my stronger…

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Annie Bergeron

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Recruiting is OPEN at Babson

Babson College Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) invites you to join us VIRTUALLY this fall to build your brand and identify talent for your organization! Babson’s top priority has been – and continues to be – the health and safety of our community. Recently, the College announced our Return to Campus plan…

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Fake It Till You Make It

It was my first week on Babson’s campus, I saw a poster on the wall of Park Manor West. It read “Meeting at 6:30pm for anyone interested in a career in finance.” Truth be told I had no idea what a career in finance even looked like. I knew finance was a popular concentration, thus…

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The Reality of Working at a Startup

The days of falling in the crowd are over. When working with a startup, you can expect to be right at the front lines with everyone else. Most college students aim for internships with big corporations like Google or Amazon. But, it’s the underdogs that provide a more valuable experience.  Taking Responsibility Working with a…

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