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Beginning a Business at Babson

The following post is from William Ruiz M’16, co-founder of FoodME , a spring 2015 hatchery business. There’s an invisible line between fantasy and reality as far as idea generation goes. In a competitive environment that is saturated by so many entrepreneurs, ventures are being conceptualized left and right.  Some ideas are considered better than…

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B.E.T.A. Challenge Semifinalists!

This past Monday, March 30, the Blank Center announced the B.E.T.A. (Babson Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®) Challenge semifinalists. Meet the semifinalists on Wednesday, April 8 at the Venture Expo! The event starts at 4:30pm and will be on the ground floor of Olin Hall. Audience members get to help chose who are finalists are by…

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Staying True To Fulfilling Your Mission But Open-Minded to How

The following post is from Yuanyuan Yin M’15 and Dylan Murphy, founders of SuperHealos, a spring 2015 hatchery business. When we started SuperHealos, we planned to revolutionize the children’s hospital supply industry by providing the most comfortable, functional, and moral boosting superhero costume-like hospital gown and other products. We quickly realized that hospitals have serious…

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Connect – Engage and Learn

The following post is from Octavia Costea M’15, founder of Spreads&Beyond, a spring 2015 hatchery business. As entrepreneurs, we increasingly want to break thru the noise and make a path where we are noticed. We are seeking to stand out from the crowd and create connections. We do that over and over again by networking, and…

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Brianna DiPietro

Babson Student Startup: SuperHealos

Following personal health scares and unexpected family challenges, Babson MBA student Yuan Yin M’15 decided to reevaluate her priorities and follow a new dream. From it was born a team of SuperHealos. SuperHealos Yuan: A SuperHealo is many things. It’s both the name of our business and a member of our team. It’s also a character in…

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Emily Besen

Graduate Affinity Conference Scholarship now available!

Starting today all Babson Graduate students may apply to the Graduate Affinity Conference Scholarship for funding towards participation in an upcoming Affinity Conference! The Graduate Affinity Scholarship was established to empower graduate students to seek opportunities for learning and develop a network beyond Babson. Our hope is that students will be able to attend conferences,…

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Summer in Graduate Admissions and The Babson MBA

Commencement has come and gone, and at Babson that means that the Graduate School is as busy as ever. We welcomed our One-Year MBA’s and our GEP cohort to Babson. We welcomed a new group of Evening MBA’s who started their program this May. But we also continue to work with a newly admitted Two-Year…

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The Babson MBA–A transformational experience

May is college and university commencement month, and I have been thinking about the many beginnings and endings that are happening at Babson. Students are graduating, and new classes are enrolling. Despite all this leave-taking and in-coming, I am also thinking about the transformations that have happened here at Babson. Not only will our students…

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A Day in the Life of an Babson MBA Student

We in admissions like to provide soft and hard data about the life of a student in our programs. The hard data, for example, is all about number of courses and credits per semester, number of faculty, faculty/student ratio, the cost of housing, FAQ’s. The soft comes to you in the narratives  we tell about why…

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Dennis Hanno

A Message to the Undergraduate Community

As the Dean of the Undergraduate School since 2006, I have had the unique pleasure of overseeing many aspects of the undergraduate student experience that are not normally part of a Dean’s job. Earlier today, the Office of the President announced that in recognition of the role I have played in overseeing these areas and…

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