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Emily Denoble

Grow with Google

In October, Babson welcomed Sanmay Ved MBA ’16, Kevin Milani, and Phil Goodhart to campus to lead a “Grow With Google” event. Mr. Ved is an Agency Development Manager for Google Marketing Solutions, and Mr. Milani and Mr. Goodhart are Google Premier Partners. The session, focused on tackling the digital marketing landscape for both startups…

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Antonette Ho

Grow with Google for Startups and Businesses

Join us on Thursday, October 5 as the experts from Google share their deep knowledge around digital marketing for startups This event is for launched startups, not concepts. Register now >> Running a startup or establishing digital presence for your established business is no walk in the park. Amidst managing financials and day-to-day operations, founders…

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Brandon Schwartz

How Google Docs Saved Me This Summer

If there was no Google Docs, I wonder how my team at work and I would be able to complete our work efficiently and well. Of course, I am not saying that saying Google Docs is the final, say-all, end-all of word processors. There are definitely opportunities where Google Docs may present itself as the…

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Kurian Babykutty

Nothing + Technology = Something

Till date, we wore glasses only to improve our eyesight. However, with Google Glass, Google is offering you something more – vision. Now, with just a pair of glasses, you can take pictures, record videos, share content, get directions, send texts and do much more. That’s how technology can transform nothing into something! Not to…

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