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Come to the Table

Everything has changed: What we know, what we think we know, how we ingest content, the tools we pick up and use (often compulsively). The landscape for learning is a kaleidoscope ceaselessly in motion. In this sea of data and discourse, Food Sol steadies itself by insisting upon two things: relationships and showing up in-person.…

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Rachel Greenberger

Being Present

“Do you know how rare it is to see a group of people so intently present and attentive to what’s important to them?” So said co-founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s Scott Norton in an email to me about his experience participating in last month’s sixth Babson Food Day. As I wrote earlier this fall…

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Michael Chmura

Babson Offers First Graduate School Elective On Food Entrepreneurship

Babson’s new graduate school offering, Food Entrepreneurship, is a highly experiential intensive MBA elective that will focus on the anatomy of the food entrepreneur’s journey from initial idea and course-setting through to meaningful survey of market landscapes and new venture strategy. Course materials and assigned readings are drawn from five years of firsthand research in…

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Rachel Greenberger

Eating, Educating and Entrepreneuring this October 25-26

It’s been another epic year for food. Concerns about food waste have finally reached the mainstream radar. Investments in new food delivery models continue to rollercoaster. Debates on the intersections of agriculture and technology persist. Big food brands are establishing food labs and investment arms. The battles over GMO labeling and turning the Farm Bill…

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Rachel Greenberger

The Power of Slow Growth

Grow slow is not a term (or mindset) often associated with entrepreneurs. The lore surrounding the lifestyle suggests that they are high-octane, brazen, impatient, and erratic: “Move fast and break things” à la Mark Zuckerberg. But as Senior Fellow at Food Sol Bob Burke will tell you sixteen ways to Sunday (and did once again…

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Antonette Ho

Accelerator: Food Entrepreneurship

With resources like FoodSol on campus, it is no surprise that there are so many food entrepreneurs at Babson. There are many common themes we hear from food entrepreneurs in the Butler Venture Accelerator: how do I find a commercial kitchen? How can I get my food product on the shelf? What steps do I…

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