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Emily Denoble

2017 Babson Rising Stars: Part 2

Babson’s 2017 Celebrating Achievements in Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (CAETA) event in April named four undergraduate and graduate alumni as Rising Star honorees. The first two alumni were Jamie Kent ’09 and Abby Speicher Carroll MBA’15. The final Rising Star nominees were Karim El-Gamal MBA’11, and Michael Kasseris MBA’11, who founded Rail Trail Flatbread Company…

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Rachel Greenberger

Cooking Lessons: Christina Wang

As in cooking, entrepreneurship starts with a vision. Someone gives you a recipe (which you may or may not follow), and you begin collecting ingredients. Some you already have. Others you have to go out and find. Then you observe, experiment, practice, improvise, manage and, eventually you hope, create. Cooking Lessons is a new small-bite…

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Future Food: Urban Ag + Ag Tech

Next Wednesday, Food Sol will host a panel discussion on urban agriculture and agricultural technology. It would take some time to list all the reasons why this is important. Suffice it to say that agricultural innovation, under which both topics lie, influences technology, healthcare, construction and infrastructure, city planning and policy, renewables and sustainability, industrial…

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Brianna Radicioni

Food Sol to Host ‘Advances in Urban Agriculture and Ag Tech’ Panel on March 8

The question at hand, globally, is how will we feed a growing population with diminished resources and climate change? On Wednesday, March 8, Food Sol at Babson will host a panel discussion on this very issue, including advances in urban agriculture and related technologies, with: Rose Arruda, Mass Department of Ag Resources; Shawn Cooney, Co-Founder,…

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Come to the Table

Everything has changed: What we know, what we think we know, how we ingest content, the tools we pick up and use (often compulsively). The landscape for learning is a kaleidoscope ceaselessly in motion. In this sea of data and discourse, Food Sol steadies itself by insisting upon two things: relationships and showing up in-person.…

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Rachel Greenberger

Being Present

“Do you know how rare it is to see a group of people so intently present and attentive to what’s important to them?” So said co-founder and CEO of Sir Kensington’s Scott Norton in an email to me about his experience participating in last month’s sixth Babson Food Day. As I wrote earlier this fall…

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Michael Chmura

Babson Offers First Graduate School Elective On Food Entrepreneurship

Babson’s new graduate school offering, Food Entrepreneurship, is a highly experiential intensive MBA elective that will focus on the anatomy of the food entrepreneur’s journey from initial idea and course-setting through to meaningful survey of market landscapes and new venture strategy. Course materials and assigned readings are drawn from five years of firsthand research in…

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