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A Living Case Study in Gary DiCamillo’s Classroom

Gary DiCamillo is no stranger to turnaround management—in fact, in his 40 year career he has shepherded multiple companies through turnarounds. Outside the boardroom, DiCamillo is a Babson trustee, Chairman of the College’s Finance Committee, and an adjunct lecturer in the graduate school. For the past several years, DiCamillo has taught Managing in Turnaround Companies, a…

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Gathering Intelligence

Through the Butler Venture Accelerator, we meet with a lot of students and alumni with many entrepreneurial ideas. One of the key steps that any entrepreneur needs to make to turn their idea into an opportunity is to gather market intelligence. Market intelligence is what entrepreneurs use to make decisions. During the Summer Venture Program,…

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Creating a Capital Campaign for Raising Money

Investors hear lots of pitches and read through many business plans – daily. How do you make your venture stand out? Summer Venture Program adviser David Lopez hosted a session for the 2015 cohort on how to create a capital campaign for raising money. Creating a capital campaign is a good process to go through…

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Kent Jones on Ending the US Trade Embargo Against Cuba

Prof. Kent Jones has been following the debate over ending the decades-old US trade embargo against Cuba, recently loosened by President Obama.  In “The Coming Boom in US-Cuba Trade” he notes that, before Castro, the US was Cuba’s largest trading partner and its major source of foreign investment.  Economic models of trade intensity predict that…

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Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching

The Marvels of 3D Printing – Makerbot Case Study

The Marvels of 3D Printing – MakerBot Case Study Ruth Gilleran, Lecturer of Information Technology Erik Noyes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship MakerBot is an industry leader in the production of affordable 3D printers.  3D printing is an emerging technology that promises to disrupt manufacturing as we know it. The MakerBot story explores the intersection of…

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Rachel Kim

Accelerator Adviser Profile Part VI: John Hallal

John Hallal is a business adviser, attorney, entrepreneur and professor. Professor Hallal is the advisor for the Launch and Grow stage of the Butler Venture Accelerator program. He has been part of this program for the past three years. Professor Hallal is passionate, open and spontaneous. If he hears a good idea, then he is…

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Patricia Berens

Business Expert Press eBooks Now Available, include Babson Authors & Editors

What do Professors Crittenden, Gentile, Polutnik, and Zacharakis have in common?  They are authors or editors of Business Expert Press titles, and these are available to Babson as eBooks via a link on the Horn Library A-Z List of Databases. Business Expert Press publishes concise, practical treatments of the topics typically taught in MBA programs. The books…

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Accelerator Adviser Profile Part V: Caroline Daniels

We are featuring profiles of our Butler Venture Accelerator advisers. Check back for updates! Brilliant and fabulous. That’s how you can define Dr. Caroline Daniels. Dr. Caroline Daniels teaches entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial marketing in undergraduate, graduate, Babson Executive Education and Babson Global programs. She is the faculty advisor to the Pursue stage of the Butler…

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