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Gathering Intelligence

Through the Butler Venture Accelerator, we meet with a lot of students and alumni with many entrepreneurial ideas. One of the key steps that any entrepreneur needs to make to turn their idea into an opportunity is to gather market intelligence. Market intelligence is what entrepreneurs use to make decisions. During the Summer Venture Program,…

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Advice from Babson Entrepreneur Chris Jacobs ’10

Although the Summer Venture Program (SVP) recently ended, there’s lots to reminiscence about from the past ten weeks. One of the most memorable parts of the program is the speakers that come in during “lunch and learn” sessions. This year the SVP participants had 20 lunch and learn sessions and discussions with leading entrepreneurs, investor…

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Emily Lagasse

Talk to Everybody

If there was one piece of advice I could give to all entrepreneurs, it would be this: Talk to everybody. Someone once gave me this same advice, and while I thought it was a good piece of advice, I had no idea what that looked like, or what it could mean for my business. Then,…

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2015 Summer Venture Program

On Monday, May 18, the Butler Venture Accelerator kicked off its 2015 Summer Venture Program. The Summer Venture Program supports the most promising graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurs from Babson College, F.W. Olin College of Engineering, and Wellesley College. 15 teams were chosen to participate in the program each summer. For the next ten weeks, the 15…

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Yerim Kim

An exploration of entrepreneurship education in Africa

On April 22nd, Akeem Allen ’17 of CREED and Marvin Tarawally ’17 of Students Making a Real Transformation (SMART) Liberia (formerly Student Reform Initiative) joined members of the Butler Venture Accelerator on their experience of spreading Entrepreneurship spirit in Africa. CREED was established in November of 2014 to provide education to broader education in Mamelodi…

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