Caroline Hayes

Unique Opportunity with two leading early stage technology venture capital firms

Tadpole Ventures and Consumer Equity Partners, two leading early stage technology venture capital firms (Silicon Valley, CA and Seattle, WA) are seeking between 3-5 qualified and interested students to help support business meeting and logistic activities for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Jan 6-9th, 2015). Airfare, hotel, meals and incidental related expenses will…

News & Announcements

Featured Alumni Business: DUBGEAR

Tell us about yourself. My name is Jansen White M’06.  My company is DUBGEAR.  www.DUBGEAR.com What’s the mission or description of your business? We make awesome portable audio products with a unique and fun twist in how you use them.  We’re on a mission to transform portable music – packaging sound in brave new ways.…

News & Announcements

Featured Alumni Business: SkinYoga

What is your name and the name of your business? My name is Jagriti Choudhary M’13 jagriti@skinyoga.in and my business is called SkinYoga.  @SkinYoga  Facebook  Instagram What’s the mission or description of your business? SkinYoga’s mission is to help people adopt a natural lifestyle. It wants people to experience and understand the power of plants especially…

Living Entrepreneurship

Benefits of Networking

We think that why should we meet with people, We feel strange talking to our competitors, We are often mistaken.   I started my business at MyFaci.com with a idea I thought it would make it big. The problem was not in the idea but in the mindset. I was clear that my idea was…

Faculty & Leadership

How Small Business Owners Can Build Community

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) is one of Babson College’s primary economic development programs, focused on helping small business owners grow their business.  Since 2010 Babson has been the educational partner for the program, with responsibility for program design, training faculty and business advisors across the country for program delivery, guiding the alumni program,…

Living Entrepreneurship

Marissa Goldstein

Profile of a WINner: Daniela Afonso

I recently sat down with one of The Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab’s participants, Daniela Afonso, MBA Candidate Class of 2014. Daniela, a native of Brazil, is a marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience developing local and national marketing campaigns. She started two successful businesses prior to pursuing her MBA at Babson.…

Living Entrepreneurship

Han Tran

Building Your Entrepreneurial Team

Success of a venture depends on feasibility – not just the idea itself, but the people. Building your entrepreneurial team is important when starting a venture. The Butler Venture Accelerator recently held a lunch and learn session on this topic as part of its Global Entrepreneurship Week. During this lunch and learn session, the process…

Living Entrepreneurship

Han Tran

Visual Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Describing a new venture to someone is not always about the pitch and the words associated it with. There are times when using pictures has more impact. The Butler Venture Accelerator recently held a lunch and learn on visual thinking. During the session, visual thinking tools that can help entrepreneurs to present clearer ideas to…

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KP Rhee

Twitter Basics for Businesses

Many people when they hear of Twitter associate people posting details from their personal lives. Over the last couple years, startups have found that Twitter can be used as a powerful marketing tool to gain new customers. As a startup, having a free marketing platform can bring a lot of return when cash is tight.…

Living Entrepreneurship

Seung Hwan Shin

Office For Your Thoughts?

Ever have trouble finding a gift for your entrepreneur son, daughter, sister, brother, niece, nephew, cousin, second cousin, friend? Consider giving an office! It is the perfect gift for any entrepreneur. It’s a place to work where one can feel at work; a place where one can organize and see their work; a place to hold…